Dr. Rita (Margarita) Birgin

Specialist in psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry.

Dr.Rita (Margarita) Birgin is a specialist in general and geriatric psychiatry,
and certified by the regional psychiatric service to perform psychiatric evaluation for the judicial system.
Dr. Rita (Margarita) Birgin

קרא פוסט זה ב: עברית (Hebrew) Русский (Russian)

Dr. Rita (Margarita) Birgin has repatriated to Israel with her family from Karaganda in the late 1900s.

Education, Specialization, Titles and Diplomas:

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Karaganda State University, M.D., in 1985, and has received a Licence to practice medicine in Israel from the Ministry of Health in 1999.

In 2001-04 has attended at postgraduate studies in psychiatry. She has received her Specialist Diploma in Psychiatry in January 2004.

Later, in 2006-09 continued to specialize in geriatric psychiatry at the post-graduate school of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, at the Tel-Aviv University.

In 2015-16 has finished a course on the Social Insurance law: disability, function, work ability.

In addition, dr. Birgin is certified by the regional psychiatric service to perform psychiatric evaluation for the judicial system.

Qualification courses:

  • Short-term dynamic treatment (conducted by Eli Chen)
  • CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (conducted by dr. Marchevsky)
  • Judicial psychiatry (conducted by dr. Kereth)
  • The law of rehabilitation of the mentally ill (conducted by dr. Silvio Rosenzweig)
  • Research methods (conducted by prof. Strauss)

Training courses and seminars:

  • 2001 – Suicide prevention
  • 2012-13 – The DBT method as treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder (conducted by If’at Cohen and the “Ofek” Institute)
  • 03-05/2015 – follow-up seminars
  • 04-08/2016 – The 12 steps method for addiction treatment training
  • 05-06/2015 – Motivational interview
  • 2016 – Computerized diagnostics for the Attention Deficit Disorder with the MOXO program

Professional experience:

Extensive experience in psychiatry and psychotherapy of adults, both in Israel and abroad.

Served in high posts before repatriation to Israel – managed the hospitalization unit at the regional psychiatric hospital.

Upon completing her specialization at the Mental Health Center “Be’er Ya’akov – Nes Ziona”, served in high posts at the Be’er Ya’akov hospital. Accumulated vast clinical experience as senior psychiatrist at the Day Treatment Unit – Lod, where she has worked for over 10 years, and as a psychiatrist for the “Meuchedet” Medical Insurance Organization (including administrative roles).

In addition, has a lot of experience in the fields of geriatric psychiatry, cognitive impairment, autism.

At this time, she is living and treating patients in Kiryat Ono.