Dr. Rita (Margarita) Birgin

Specialist in general and geriatric psychiatry

Dr. Rita Birgin is a specialist in general and geriatric psychiatry and is qualified by the district Psychiatry to perform “psychiatric evaluations” for the judicial system.

Dr. Rita (Margarita) Birgin has repatriated to Israel with her family from Karaganda in the late 1900s.

Has a great deal of experience in adult psychiatry and psychotherapy, both in Israel and abroad.

Has served in senior positions, before repatriation (1997) and has managed the hospitalization department in a district psychiatric hospital.

  • Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Karaganda State University.

    M.D. – 1985

  • Holds a Licence to practice medicine in Israel from the Ministry of Health since 1999.
  • In 2001-04 has attended postgraduate studies in psychiatry and psychotherapy. Received her Specialist Diploma in Psychiatry in January 2004.
  • Later, in 2006-09 continued to specialize in geriatric psychiatry at the post-graduate school of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, at Tel-Aviv University.
  • In 2015-16 has finished a course on the Social Insurance law: disability, function, work ability.
  • In addition, dr. Birgin is certified by the regional psychiatric service to perform psychiatric evaluation for the judicial system.
  • Short-term dynamic treatment (conducted by Eli Chen)
  • CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (conducted by dr. Marchevsky)
  • Judicial psychiatry (conducted by dr. Kereth)
  • The law of rehabilitation of the mentally ill (conducted by dr. Silvio Rosenzweig)
  • Research methods (conducted by prof. Strauss)
  • 2001 – Suicide prevention
  • 2012-13 – The DBT method as treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder (conducted by If’at Cohen and the “Ofek” Institute)
  • 03-05/2015 – follow-up seminars
  • 04-08/2016 – The 12 steps method for addiction treatment training
  • 05-06/2015 – Motivational interview
  • 2016 – Computerized diagnostics for Attention Deficit Disorder with the MOXO program
  • Extensive experience in psychiatry and psychotherapy of adults, both in Israel and abroad.
  • Served in high posts before repatriation to Israel – managed the hospitalization unit at the regional psychiatric hospital.
  • Upon completing her specialization at the Mental Health Center “Be’er Ya’akov – Nes Ziona”, served in high posts at the Be’er Ya’akov hospital. Accumulated vast clinical experience as a senior psychiatrist at the Day Treatment Unit – Lod, where she has worked for over 10 years, and as a psychiatrist for the “Meuchedet” Medical Insurance Organization (including administrative roles).
  • In addition, has a lot of experience in the fields of geriatric psychiatry, cognitive impairment, and autism.
  • Israeli Medical Association
  • Israeli Society of Psychiatry
  • The Israeli Society for Community Mental Health
  • Israeli Society of Addiction Medicine

At this time, she is living and treating patients in her private home clinic Kiryat Ono, in Hebrew and Russian.